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BSA Membership Standards Process

From Mt Diablo Silverado Council:

At the direction of the National Executive Board in February, the Boy Scouts of America began a dialogue within the Scouting family about its values and membership standards. A process has been developing in stages:

March 1-April 5 - Listening: The BSA's standing committees engage key stakeholders for input and develop a summary report. You should be receiving a Voice of the Scout Survey sometime between March 8 and March 15. As a part of that survey, all adults will be asked some questions about possible changes in the BSA membership standards, as well as their opinions about Scouting programs.

If not, you can still get the survey by clicking here to register your email. You will need your membership ID number to register (if you don't know it the council can help). If this link does not work paste the following URL into your browser:

April 5-17-Evaluating: The BSA's officers review the summary report and prepare a resolution for consideration by National Council voting members.

April 18-May 24- Educating: The report and resolution are shared with the voting members of the National Council.

May 22-24-Deciding: The BSA conducts on-site information sessions for registered participants at its National Annual Meeting, followed by a vote.

May 24-Ongoing- Implementing: Based on the resolution and vote, the BSA will determine and implement next steps for the organization.

There are many questions about this process, and to assist you, the Boy Scouts have launched a special website at

The Mt. Diablo Silverado Council has nearly completed our Membership policy survey. We have had nearly 5,000 responses to the survey. A summary of the survey will be presented to our Board, this month. The survey will help our Nat'l Council Representatives formulate a position concerning the upcoming May National meeting vote on this issue.

If you are a registered leader or Scouting family, who did not have an opportunity to take the survey and would like to take it, please email, with your name (or your son or daughters), unit number or registration number.

John Fenoglio
Scout Executive/CEO

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