Cub Scout Pack 1776

How do I join?

Download our step by step registration instructions here.

Step 1 - New scouts only.

Fill out the online BSA Youth Application Form.

Step 2 - Everyone

Complete the online Pack 1776 Registration Form.

Step 3 - Everyone

Complete the Medical Form Parts A & B

Step 4 - Everyone

Provide a copy of the front & back of your scout’s medical insurance card.

Step 5 - Everyone

Provide a check made payable to "Pack 1776" for the applicable annual registration fee.

Write your Scout's name in the memo line.

  • $240 per new Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos scout (First through Fifth grades in 2023-2024) — early registration and fully paid by June 1, 2023.
  • $285 per new Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos scout (First through Fifth grades in 2023-2024) — regular registration after June 1, 2023.
  • $200 per new Lion scouts (those who will be in Kindergarten in 2023-2024)

Note on Step 5 for NEW SCOUTS:
There was a recent change to the BSA website that requires new scouts to pay the national fees up front. Previously the pack paid this on behalf of the new scout from the pack registration fee. Given this change, pay the national fees online using your credit card and then deduct that amount from the $285 (or $240 early registration by June 1, 2023, or if a new Lion, $200) pack registration fee when preparing your check.

What's included in the annual registration fee?

Pack 1776's annual registration fee includes the cost to register with the Boys Scouts of America (national registration fee), the Council Program Fee, a one year subscription to Scout Life magazine, a Pack 1776 Class B uniform t-shirt, award belt loops or adventure pins, patches, and expenses in events like Halloween Party, Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, etc.  Uniforms and some adventures, patches, and den supplies are not included.

Click here to learn why we think our Pack is such a great deal and to learn where the registration fee goes.

Step 6 - Everyone

Provide a separate $200 parent volunteer deposit per family (check also made out to Pack 1776, post-dated to April 30, 2024). 

Volunteer deposit waived for new Lion scouts who do not have older siblings in Pack 1776.

Helpful Registration Information & Terms

  • We use emails for all of our Pack communication and signups. Please provide an email address that you check regularly.
  • Please provide us your cell phone number so we can reach each other during outings. You can enter your other phone numbers on
  • All of our scouts and uniformed leaders will receive a Class B t-shirt. Depending on the material, they may run smaller than a traditional cotton t-shirt; we recommend ordering one size larger.
  • Let us know your interests and talents. It does not commit you to a role, just help us understand the parent skills and resources available within our pack.

Go to volunteer job descriptions.

Medical Form Part A & B and Copy of Insurance

BSA requires parents to complete a new waiver and medical form every year in order for scouts to participate in activities.  Click here:  FORM.

Type the information into this fillable PDF and save for future use, as BSA requires parents to complete a new waiver and medical form every year in order for scouts to participate in activities.

  • Did you check the “none” box or list participant restrictions on the Medical A form?
  • Did both parents sign the Medical A form for the Scout? Page 1, Part A requires 2 parent signatures in the State of California.
  • Page 1, Part A asks for people who can take your scout to and from events. If you list names here, no one outside the list can take your child. We suggest writing “anyone from Pack 1776”.
  • Did you complete the allergies section? If your scout has a “life threatening allergy” please write it on the top of page 1 with a red sharpie.
  • Did you authorize non-prescription medicine (ie Tylenol) and sign if "yes"?
  • Did you fill in that last date of the tetanus shot? BSA requires a tetanus shot within the last 10 years.

Please provide a front and back copy of your child’s medical insurance card.

  • For immunization history, we only need the date of the last injection.
  • Please indicate if they received full Covid vaccinations and dates.

Registration Fee & Volunteer Deposit Checks

  • Checks are made payable to "Pack 1776"
  • Write your Scout's first and last name and grade or scout rank in the memo line.
  • Submit a check payment of your applicable registration fee. 
  • Submit a $200 volunteer deposit check, postdated to 4/30/2024. Please submit a separate postdated check even if you are a uniformed leader. It simplifies our job when everyone follows the same rule. We will hold on to this check until the end of the scouting year and shred it if you fulfilled your 10-hour volunteer obligation.
  • If you have fulfilled your ten minimum service hours and log it onto our website at We will shred your $200 deposit at your child’s graduation (usually in June).
  • We understand that some families have a hard time completing the minimum service hour. We will accept your $200 volunteer donation in exchange. It will be used to help train our Pack Leaders and support our scouting program.

Where do I turn in my checks & paperwork?

  • For early discounted registration, bring your completed paperwork to Advancement Day on May 23, 2023, or drop it in the Scout Box located inside the Coyote Creek Elementary School office by June 1, 2023, by 12pm noon.
  • For regular registration, drop it in the Scout Box located inside the Coyote Creek Elementary School office after school resumes in August 2023.

Further discounts available to registered leaders and certain chairpersons

  • We’d love for you to participate as a leader!  If you’re willing to be a trained uniformed leader, we will discount your registration fee by $100; You must complete your BSA Adult Application Form, online Youth Protection training, have all the patches properly sewn onto your uniform, and wear your uniform whenever the scouts wear theirs.  
  • Certain chairperson positions may see their registration fee discounted by $50.  
  • One discount per paid scout. Registration discounts are only available to those who serve in a qualified position for more than 6 months and remain with the pack until the end of the Scouting Year (June). The discounts are credits paid at the end of the Scouting Year (June) for the following year's registration (i.e. discount given for 2024-2025 registration upon volunteering as qualified leader in 2023-2024 scouting year).
  • Financial assistance through the Boy Scouts of America is available for certain fees.
    Please reach out if you need financial assistance.

Refund Policy

You have 30 days after registration or until September 10, 2023 for a full refund of the pack portion of the registration fees. After this deadline, we thank you for your donation to support scouting.

Please note that the portion paid online to BSA upon registering as a new BSA member is non-refundable, per their policy that you acknowledge upon registration. This includes BSA national youth registration fee, council fee, new member joining fee, ScoutLife charge, and administrative fee.

Acceptance into the Pack

If you signed up during open registration (up to mid September), we automatically accept all boys and girls from kindergarten to fourth grade. We only accept fifth grade boys or girls who have fully earned the Webelos I rank already by May 31, 2023.

After the open registration period, we only accept new scouts with the Den Leader’s approval.
Unless there's room in the current Den, new Den assignment and number is announced after the September 2023 Pack meeting.