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Make Time for Scouting

Are you wondering if your son should join the Cub Scouts or a sports team? Maybe this video would help.

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Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?

Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, the National Geographic Channel reality show will start airing at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) on Monday, March 4. The six-episode series continues every Monday night until the season finale on April 8.  Find out more at the new website for the show:

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2012 Popcorn Sales – Starts This Weekend at Safeway!

Popcorn Sales begin this Saturday & Sunday at the following Safeway stores:

New den leaders, please sign up at the Sign-up-Genius invite from Popcorn Chair Mette Spears.  If we run out of slots, we can add additional shifts.

Please contact your den leader if you have not signed up for this exciting event!

Remember, sales earned at the stores count toward your Trails End Prizes!  These prizes are listed on the Face-to-Face Take Order forms that were handed out at the last Pack Meeting.  These sales and the individual sales you make selling to friends, neighbors, relatives and parents co-workers will count towards your Trails End Prize.

As an additional incentive announced at the Pack Meeting, to drive individual Face-to-Face Take Order sales, we've added more prizes to help motivate our boys.

  • $100 Take Order Popcorn sales - 1 Skylander game figure or $10 Target Gift Card
  • $150 Take Order Popcorn sales - Pie in Face
  • $200 Take Order Popcorn sales  - 2 Skylander game figures or $20 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $200 prize mean they only get the 2 Skylanders or $20 Gift Card, and not the $100 prize of $1 Skylander and $10 Gift Card)
  • $300 Take Order Popcorn sales  - 3 Skylander game figures or $30 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $300 prize mean they only get the 3 Skylanders or $30 Gift Card)
  • $400 Take Order Popcorn sales  - 4 Skylander game figures or $40 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $400 prize mean they only get the 4 Skylanders or $40 Gift Card)
  • $500 Take Order Popcorn sales - 1 Skylander Giants Portal Owners Pack Game or $50 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $500 prize mean they only get the game or $50 Gift Card)

Though, everyone can get a prize and the Pie in Face.

Also, the Den that sells most on an average per cub basis gets an ice cream party prize!

With the Product flyer and Take Order form, you can start selling today.

Please take some time to view the training video, so that you can see how easy it is to go out there and get people to support cub scouting!

Yuji Yamada
Pack 1776 Committee Chair


Scouting is …

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Awards and More

School will be out in a couple weeks.  As you plan for summer, don't forget the upcoming Pack events.  Scouts who participate in 3 summer Pack activities (one each in June, July, and August) will receive the National Summertime Award.  The following activities are eligible.

Speaking of awards, check out this very cool video and read on for Scouting Magainze's coverage of the inspiring message and heroes behind it. Enjoy and badgetize!

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Scouts Meet Here

I can't believe it is already mid-Summer! Scout track has been updated and that means you can start working on achievements of the new rank!

Are you ready for another year of adventures?

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New Video from BSA Motorsports

Grand Prix of Sonoma is still more than a month away, but you can catch a glimpse of the No.19 IndyCar in action now in this new video from BSA.  And don't miss Scouting Magazine's interview of its driver, Alex Lloyd.


Leave No Trace Awareness Award

Dear Pack 1776 families,

Summer is always a great time for enjoying the outdoors. Whether you are going hiking, camping, or geocaching this season, why not practice Leave No Trace and earn a patch?  This inspiring video from NPS will get you started on the principals right away, and you can find more information at the following websites.

  • - Everything about Leave No Trace
  • BSA - Requirements for earning the LNT awareness award
  • Brochure on LNT principals (pdf)
  • Service project ideas (pdf)
  • LNT Pledge cards (pdf)

Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran looking for ways to broaden your contribution? Then don't miss the LNT Master Educator's Course coming this August.  Find out more from this flyer.

Enjoy, and happy 1st day of Summer.



Belt Loop and Pin for Video Games

Over 10 belt loops and pins have been added to the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program this year. Among them, video gaming is one of the most controversial to be added. Contrary to the traditional image of a scout, video gaming doesn't seem to belong. If you are puzzled like most people, this video may help answer a question or two.

To find out more about this award, check the BSA website.


Adventure Base 100 at Sacramento

Did you enjoy Adventure Base 100 at Sacramento this past weekend?  Want a recap?  Here you go ...

To learn more about AB100, go to their website.  You can also subscribe to their cool videos on the BSA 100th years channel.