Cub Scout Pack 1776

Special Message on Youth Protection from the Meridian District

Fellow Meridian District Parents,

Recently there was an incident in the Meridian District involving a parent leader who was accused and arrested by the San Ramon Police for being in possession of child pornography. At this time it is believed that none of the materials involve members of our organization, although the investigation is still underway. As a Scout Leader it would be bad enough if there were evidence of him visiting adult pornography websites like although these types of websites are legal it's still not something we would encourage or condone for our Leaders. Any media contact should be referred to Valerie Ridgers at Mt. Diablo Silverado Council offices in Pleasant Hill.

We would like to share our official position and actions with respect to this matter as follows:

  1. The adult was a registered leader and underwent a background check that came up clean. His membership has been revoked.
    Every youth-facing leader is expected to register with Boy Scouts of America using the standard form which requires a Social Security Number. If an adult wishes not to give his or her Social Security Number he or she will not be permitted to lead a Den, Pack, Troop, Outing, Event, or any other Boy or Cub Scout activity which by definition depends on the integrity of responsible and trustworthy parent leaders. This is a non-negotiable policy. No registration - No leader. Period.
  2. The San Ramon Police Department, and the courts will decide the case, Boy Scouts of America will not. We are a nation of laws and due process and we defer to those public agencies in the execution of their lawful duties. If it is determined that members of our organization have broken the law, or knowingly abused or harmed other members they will be removed and referred to the authorities. Adult leaders of Boy Scouts of America are required to report to the Scout Executive any suspicion or knowledge of child abuse of any kind. If any adult suspects an abuse situation be it from an unrelated adult, or a child's own parents, he or she is required by BSA and California State Law to report.
  3. Boy Scouts of America has taken steps to prepare for and counter the possibility of inappropriate situations between adults and children. Each and every adult leader is required to take the Youth Protection Training every two years, and other trainings include further instruction on the subject. Adults are required to adhere to the concept of Two-Deep Leadership. The video called It Happened To Me which is age appropriate for our youth members should be shown and discussed at every unit to teach children useful defense methods. These things are presently offered to the membership on an Honor System basis. This is going to change very soon to a requirement with verification.

Boy Scouts of America is a community organization with a goal of helping parents teach our youth Character and Leadership. We have a system to do that and we rely on the participation, integrity and commitment of our fellow parents to carry it out. We prepare and protect ourselves and each other as well as we can, as responsibly as we know how. We do not cover up bad behavior for the sake of protecting our image or our friends. The safety of our youth is always our first priority.

James Teare
Meridian District Chairman, MDSC

Earle Conklin
Meridian District Commissioner, MDSC