Cub Scout Pack 1776

Pack Meeting (Cub Scout Salute)

PackMeetingDate: Thursday, November 12, 2009
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: MPR
Theme: Cub Scout Salute


Set up/Opening- Bear Den 5 (Juli/Ching)
Gathering- Webelos I Den 1 ( Russ/Brad/Debbie)
Skit- Bears Den 6 (Macey/Celia/Meena)
Skit- Webelos I Den 2 (Joe/Dave)
Snack/Clean up- Wolf Den 9 (Terri/Ada)

Before the Meeting

Set up: Wolf Den 10 (Robert/Mike) @ 6:30


Pre opening gathering activity: Webelos I Den 1 ( Russ/Brad/Debbie) @ 6:30
Sign in scout attendance table

Opening (start on time!)

Bear Den 5 (Juli/Ching)
* Flag ceremony
* Pledge of Allegiance
* Cub Scout Promise
* Law of the Pack
Prayer: ...selected scout

Welcome & Introductions

- Cubmaster Ed
Welcome to all - Theme “Cub Scout Salute“


Ice cream scooping scouts @ Book fair Family Fun Night
Bingo Night Scouts
Capitol March Scouts/Leaders


New Bobcat induction ceremony
Skit- Bears Den 6 (Macey/Celia/Meena)
Skit- Webelos I Den 2 (Joe/Dave)
Webelos moment- Den 12 (Bill/Dan)
Game- TBD


Scouting for Food
New Brighton Camping
Cubmaster minute...if time allows
flag closing ceremony- Bear Den 5 (Juli/Ching)...if time allows

After the meeting

Refreshments/Clean up - Wolf Den 9 (Terri/Ada)

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