Cub Scout Pack 1776

Chabot Overnight Odyssey Wrapup

Pack 1776 families,

Unbelievable experience of the overnight program at Chabot Space and Science Center! 45 people (scouts, siblings and parents) from Pack 1776 had a wonderful opportunity to be at the Museum after dark!!

  • got to explore the Museum’s one of a kind exhibits after everyone else has gone home
  • got to participate in a special science activity by making "Asteroid / Comet"
  • did a science scavenger hunt
  • enjoyed a beautiful and clear night at the observatories where they got to see impressive telescopes:
    • "Leah" - the original 1883 instrument donated by the founder Anthony Chabot,
    • "Rachel" - the impressive 20’ telescope and
    • "Nellie" - Chabot’s youngest and most powerful telescope where everyone in the pack got to see the rolling roof allowing access to 180 degrees of sky that offered breathtaking views of the Orion Nebula and a double star called the "Cal" star.
  • got to sleep in a room just steps away from the "Moon Odyssey" exhibits with lunar and Mercury module.
  • and best of all, earned an awesome Chabot Space & Science Center patch!

Photos of this big slumber party of cosmic voyage are available on SmugMug, enjoy!!

Ammy Pluth

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