Cub Scout Pack 1776

September Pack Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: MPR
Attire: Full Class A uniform


A quick reminder for those who have not turned in your scout's registration form, medical form, copy of immunization record, Pack 1776 volunteer form, BSA volunteer form (New !) (for new and returning volunteers in any Leadership position), and driver form. Please turn in your completed forms and pay your annual registration fee of $150 (by check) or $155 (by credit card), and you will receive your Class B T-shirt. We will also sell Class B's for $10 each.

We will have a donation box available if you have uniforms, slides, neckerchiefs, caps, or handbooks for new families.


Opening Flag Ceremony (we'll start at 7pm sharp!)

Den 12


- Welcome to all
- Cubmaster Minute


- Discussion with Parents
- Den Leaders will take scouts to the courtyard to practice skits - if anyone has lanterns, please bring them
(parents may want to bring a light jacket for your cubs)
Skit Examples 1
Skit Examples 2
- Review Popcorn Show & Sell
- Scouts return to perform skits for all parents


- 9/11 Flag Ceremony at Coyote Creek
- Pack hike on Sept. 14 (Wildcat Peak Hike)
- Upcoming events in October
- Closing Ceremony Den 12

After the meeting

Can parents and scouts keep the MPR clean and help put chairs away

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