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MDSC Friends of Scouting 2013

Find out how you can help by visiting the Council website.


A Message From the Chief Scout Executive

To: All Scouts and Scouters,

By Wayne Brock, BSA Chief Scout Executive

As you can imagine, a number of our councils in the Northeast are still struggling mightily to recover from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy. And a Nor’easter is bringing even more weather damage to the region this week with snowfall and other hazardous conditions.

Reports are still coming in concerning any injuries to our people and damage to BSA facilities, and the National Office stands ready to assist in any way we can. We ask you to join us in keeping the councils in this stricken area in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road ahead of them to restore their homes and property as well as their programs to support our Scouts.

Many of you have asked how you can help. For any neighboring councils that have the people and resources to lend a hand with transportation, supplies, or other immediate needs, we ask that you work through Jim Hans, associate regional director/support for the Northeast Region, to coordinate your relief assistance. For councils in other parts of the country, we believe monetary assistance would be the most valuable resource you could provide at this time.

The worst damage seems to be in several council camps where many trees are down and some have destroyed buildings. Some council offices have had water damage and several staff members have experienced damage to their personal property. Many Scouts and units have probably lost camping gear, uniforms, trailers and other supplies. If you would like to make a donation to aid councils recovering from Hurricane Sandy, please go to the BSA Disaster Relief Fund page for instructions.

Meanwhile, we have already seen tremendous examples of how our commitment to serve others is rising to this occasion. Here are just two examples of many Scout troops that are responding with service. Boy Scout Troop 683 in Pamlico County, North Carolina is establishing drop-off locations for the public to donate non-perishable food, water, and clothing to Sandy victims. And in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, Scouts from Troops 109 and 1910 – many who experienced problems of their own from Sandy’s wrath – have assisted the National Guard with people who have lost power and are out of their homes.

I am very proud of how these Scouts and others have volunteered to assist so many people in need. Let’s all muster whatever support we can to assist our people through this difficult time.


2012 Popcorn Sales – Starts This Weekend at Safeway!

Popcorn Sales begin this Saturday & Sunday at the following Safeway stores:

New den leaders, please sign up at the Sign-up-Genius invite from Popcorn Chair Mette Spears. If we run out of slots, we can add additional shifts.

Please contact your den leader if you have not signed up for this exciting event!

Remember, sales earned at the stores count toward your Trails End Prizes! These prizes are listed on the Face-to-Face Take Order forms that were handed out at the last Pack Meeting. These sales and the individual sales you make selling to friends, neighbors, relatives and parents co-workers will count towards your Trails End Prize. Objections in Sales does happen in businesses, but when it comes down to it, resolving this can make all the difference to how much product you sell. From this, you can start building connections with potential clients and generate more sales.

As an additional incentive announced at the Pack Meeting, to drive individual Face-to-Face Take Order sales, we've added more prizes to help motivate our boys.

  • $100 Take Order Popcorn sales - 1 Skylander game figure or $10 Target Gift Card
  • $150 Take Order Popcorn sales - Pie in Face
  • $200 Take Order Popcorn sales - 2 Skylander game figures or $20 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $200 prize mean they only get the 2 Skylanders or $20 Gift Card, and not the $100 prize of $1 Skylander and $10 Gift Card)
  • $300 Take Order Popcorn sales - 3 Skylander game figures or $30 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $300 prize mean they only get the 3 Skylanders or $30 Gift Card)
  • $400 Take Order Popcorn sales - 4 Skylander game figures or $40 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $400 prize mean they only get the 4 Skylanders or $40 Gift Card)
  • $500 Take Order Popcorn sales - 1 Skylander Giants Portal Owners Pack Game or $50 Target Gift Card (Please note that the prizes are not cumulative, meaning that earning the $500 prize mean they only get the game or $50 Gift Card)

Though, everyone can get a prize and the Pie in Face.

Also, the Den that sells most on an average per cub basis gets an ice cream party prize!

With the Product flyer and Take Order form, you can start selling today.

Please take some time to view the training video, so that you can see how easy it is to go out there and get people to support cub scouting!

Yuji Yamada
Pack 1776 Committee Chair


One Car One Difference

Do you have a vehicle that you no longer need and have a desire to support Scouting? If you do, this program may be for you.

One Car One Difference is a vehicle donation program that converts unwanted vehicles at auction into cash for non-profit charities. Their partnership with the Boy Scouts of America provides you another way to support our council, allowing them to put those funds to use in support of the programs and facilities needed most by the youth.

Donation process is simple. A few pieces of information will get you started. Towing and auctioning of the donated vehicle will be managed by the Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) team. Once the vehicle is sold, you will receive a receipt for tax deduction filing, and the proceeds will be returned to the local Council.

Click on the logo to get started!


San Ramon Art & Wind Festival-Volunteers Needed!!

It’s that time of the year again! We are asking the entire Pack 1776 Cub Scout family to participate in the sales of our Cotton Candy Fundraiser at the 2012 San Ramon Art & Wind Festival.

Last year, in addition to having a great time, we were able to raise enough money to keep our annual dues at the same low rate in previous years, while earning extra cash to present fun, new events, like the Raingutter Regatta and the Chabot Outdoor Pack Meeting.

In an effort to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, please note the following guidelines:

1.) At least one parent is required to be with their participating scout in this fundraiser but the entire family is most welcome to join and have fun.
2.) Each shift must have at least 1 Scout Leader present. There will be no more than 4 scouts present inside the booth during any shift.
3.) Try to remember to maintain a Scout attitude while participating in this fundraiser. Don't forget that you are all perfect 1776 Gentlemen. We should always thank those who we have asked and always wish them a good day, to encourage proper attitude demonstrating good manners and conduct. Class A uniform.

LOCATION: Central Park-Booth#4 Alcosta Blvd

To sign up go to:

Cubmaster John


Mt Diablo Silverado Council Friends of Scouting Campaign

Hi Pack 1776!

It's that time of the year again for the Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign. For those families that have joined the pack within the last year, this is the annual fundraising drive where the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council asks for our support. Whether your family as been a part of the pack for years, or you are new to the pack, please do consider contributing to this worthy cause.

When I consider donating, I often have many questions. Allow me to share some information that I hope help answer some questions you may have.

What is the Mt. Diable Silverado Council and why should I provide support?
The MDSC is located in Pleasant Hill and serves over 14,500 scouts in Contra Costa, Solano, Napa, Lake, and northern Alameda counties. The activities and services provided by the Council are training, camp Herms and Wolfeboro, recruiting materials, administrative services, professional services, insurance, and most everything we need to run Pack 1776.

How do I donate?
Brochures (attached) and envelopes will be passed out by the Den leaders to the families in their dens at the Pack meeting Wednesday. Families are asked to fill out the section in the brochure, and then return the pledge card and donation in the envelope to their Den leader, or me, at the pack meeting. If you want more time to review, you can turn in to me up to Sunday March 18th. I'd like to get these turned in by March 23rd.

What are my options for donating?
Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. Donating tomorrow may not be convenient for some, so pledges are another convenient option and can be spread out over time. Pledges for $25 can be taken and reminders mailed. Pledges can be annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

How much should I donate?
The Council estimates it costs approximately $200 annually to support each scout, and this is the amount Council hopes each family will contribute. Pack 1776 families have been very generous in the past…some families give more than the recommended amount, some give the recommended amount, some give less. At the end of the day, this is a personal decision, and all contributions are appreciated.

Is my donation tax deductable? Yes!!!

Attached is a brochure with more information. In addition, I will be showing a brief video at the Pack meeting to help provide information.

On a personal note, I sincerely believe in the Boy Scouts of America and support the Mt Diablo Silverado Council Friends of Scouting campaign with all my heart. As a boy growing up, I was both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout in the Mt Diablo Silverado Council, and I was fortunate enough to attend many of the events and camps supported by the Council. As a Boy Scout, I went to Camp Wolfeboro 4 consecutive years and had the time of my life. In scouting I established friendships with guys that are still great friends to this day. I could not have experienced all that I did if it weren’t for the generous folks that supported the Council then. Now it’s time for me to give back, and I hope you will join my family and support the Council’s Friends of Scouting campaign.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Steve Jackson
Committee Chairperson, Pack 1776


Popcorn Training

Pack 1776,

The popcorn season has arrived!  Our sales goal for this year is $5000.  Not only every scout participating in this annual fundraising event receives a patch, more prizes and rewards are available for top selling den and scouts.  There are many ways to participate.  Besides the upcoming show-and-sell at Safeway and Lucky, scouts can sell door-to-door and online. Learn more about this at our first Pack Meeting on Wednesday, September 9th.

Meanwhile, get a head start and check out the training videos for tips on selling popcorn. Contact our Popcorn Kernal Yuji Yamada if you have questions.

Stella Lei


Indy® Grand Prix of Sonoma – August 28

Hello Scouts of Pack 1776 and Race Fans!

Cubmaster John here!

Hope you are all having an outstanding summer. Our Pack 1776 never slows down on the fun events during the break, and next month's Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma race is the high speed proof of that.

Once again Webmaster Stella worked her magic and arranged for the fastest day of the summer, FREE for scouts and leaders in their class A uniforms, with discounted tickets available for only $20. That's over $35 in savings from the regular price of $55.

We requested 50 tickets to sell. I would ask that you consider attending the race, while extending the invitation and opportunity to your friends, families, neighbors, co-workers to join in on this opportunity to purchase these low,low,low cost tickets, and to support their cubs at Pack 1776.

Here's some info from Stella herself:

- Scouts in Class A do not need a ticket. They are admitted free at the door.
- Friends and family can get discounted tickets from Stella for $20 ($55 regular) with no transaction fee.
- More info on scout day at
- More info on the race at
- Anyone interested can contact Stella

Tell the boys, I can't promise that Lighting McQueen will be there, but Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves and Danica Patrick will be.

Thank you for helping support the Pack.



Cotton Candy Re-cap

If the Art and Wind Festival was a piece of classical music, I'd call it the Nutcracker Sweet...

Intensely hard work, sugar flying over the sales counter, cash flying in.

Again we had a fantastic group of scouts and their devoted, never-complaining parents and siblings, some of which returned from their Flag Planting duties this weekend as well.

No need to call for a Whaaa-mbulance or dial Whine-One-One with this team of heroes. We had all the workings of a finely tuned retail/manufacturing operation. Great experience for our future pillars in the business community!

And to end a perfect weekend, a surprise visit from Mayor Abram Wilson, who came behind the booth where we were cleaning up, specifically to say "Hello" to Pack 1776 and to offer a few picture moments with our hearty scouts and parents.

The Monday's sales, were $1,911.00. Added to Sunday's $1,801.17, we grossed $3,712.17 over the two days. Sweeeeeet!

The scouts who worked the event had a great time. All winners in my book. They include:

Alexander and Brandon B
Andre B
Hayden C
Brennan C
Alex E (A double day worker)
Morgan J
Josh K
Andrew K
Aidan and Emmett L
Ethan M and his sister Zoe (Both worked TWO days in a row)
Vikram M
Jack P (Two day over-time worker)
Austin S
Gurveer S
Dylan W
David X
Evan and Ian Y

The team of parents and scout leaders who made it a success were:

Harry B (set-up, manufacturing)
Don B (manufacturing)
Rennie & Joe C (chef)
Lisa & Michael C (banker)
Ada I (Sales and Operations)
Steve J (manufacturing)
Jeff K (chef and tear down muscle-man)
Harpeet K (manufacturing)
Susan K (manufacturing)
Stella and Alan L (ever NOT see these two working hard?)
Chung M (finance, another two day work horse)
Christie M (currency expert)
Scott S (manufacturing)
Gene W (Motivation and team spirit)
Yan X (manufacturing)
Kari & Yuji Y (operations)
Cubmaster Macey (two day super achiever)

Special recognition and gratitude to Ammy Pluth, the true coordinator and brains of the operation (and of the Pluth family). She made the arrangements for the flawless machinery, event compliance, decorations, training AND worked two ten-hour days in a row, with a huge smiley face the whole time. The Pack is lucky to have selfless members like you.

What kind of weekend was it, Cotton Candy team? It was a great weekend for Scouting!

John Pluth


It’s a Great Weekend for Scouting!

Tomorrow, Pack 1776 will join hundreds of Scouts from all over the Bay Area, and thousands across the country, to pay tribute to those who served.  We will be planting American flags at the San Francisco National Cemetery.  It is a great honor for Scouts to have such meaningful opportunity and learn citizenship outside of the classroom.

On Sunday and Monday, we will be selling cotton candy at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival.  Besides a lot fun and the opportunity to serve the community, this is the biggest fundraiser for our Pack.  Success in previous years has allowed us to enjoy luxuries including state-of-the-art pinewood derby tracks, powerful camp stove, a diverse program, and of course, low membership fees. Thank you to those who signed up to volunteer.  For those who hasn't yet, sign up is available online.  If you are in town, come by and join us for the fun event.  Our booth is at the Alcosta Food Court along Alcosta Blvd (see map).  Hope to see you all this weekend.

Meanwhile, some "tips" for the den leads to keep the boys under control. 😉 Happy Scouting.

The Buckets