Cub Scout Pack 1776

Monthly Theme of May: In The Spotlight

The monthly theme of May is "In the Spotlight".   Here's the official theme description from BSA:

MAY 2010 - IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Character Connection: Cooperation

It's time to perform and be in the spotlight! This month spend some time making musical instruments to be used in the pack meeting variety show. The variety show could be skits, songs, puppet shows, magic trick - you name it. Have the boys and their parents and families participate in a variety show and have some adults record the show.

Dens can create posters announcing the show and make programs to let everyone know what's coming. Commercials could be videotaped by the den during their den meetings and then be shown between acts. (Get the parents involved)

Take a photo for the local newspaper or a video clip for the local TV station for recognition of their achievements and put Cub Scouting in the spotlight. Visit a television, radio, or cable station to see how they prepare and produce their shows.

Attend a play or musical production. The Cub Scouts can earn the Music belt loop and pin.

Other resources for the theme including BSA Cub Cast and Baloo's Bugle, etc are available and easily accessible from our Monthly Theme Ideas page.  Happy reading and have a great May!

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