Cub Scout Pack 1776

September 21: Monthly pack meeting

In honor of Emergency Preparedness Month, this month's pack meeting will focus on a few skills to help us be prepared for emergencies as well as thank those who assist us in emergencies.  Below are the details for the meeting.  Please note, pack meetings are not a drop-off event; at least one parent should join their scout for the meeting.  Thank you for taking the time to attend.

DATE: September 21, Wednesday
TIME:  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
LOCATION:  Coyote Creek Elementary School MPR


  • Make your own first aid kit to take home
  • Learn to tie a "first aid knot" (square knot)
  • Operation Gratitude, give your thanks to our first responders with a thank you letter
  • Second chance portrait session for scouts and uniformed scout leaders

September 25: Las Trampas Highlander hike

Date/Time: Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 9:30am
Location: Las Trampas — San Ramon
Meeting pointLas Trampas public parking — at the end of Bollinger Canyon Rd in San Ramon
Distance / elevation / duration: 1.5 - 2.7 miles / 575 ft
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Hike info / map: Hike info  |  hike map
Awards: Highlander programLas Trampas rocker patch
Hiking Chairs: Kushal K., Zhen Z.
Attire: Class B or regular t-shirt, approved face covering, cap, sturdy closed toe shoes
What to bring: Plenty of water and snacks, sunscreen, binoculars, camera

[ RSVP ]

Getting there
Take Bollinger Canyon north, past Crow Canyon. Continue about 4.5 miles to the trailhead at the end of the road. If you've been to Little Hills Ranch, keep going past its parking lot. Turn left on Rocky Ridge Road. Parking lot is at the end on the left. See map.

The hike
Las Trampas (Spanish for the traps) has two distinct areas, each with its own personality. Rocky Ridge, on the west side of the valley, is known for views in all directions, unusual rocks and green rolling hills lightly forested with California bays, oaks and maples. The wildflower display on the hills just off the ridgeline is an east bay favorite. The Las Trampas Ridge, to the east, is quite different, featuring a plant community dominated by chamise with other chaparral plants such as manzanitas and coyote brush.

The trail
Start on Bollinger loop trail for about 0.8 miles then turn right on Bollinger Canyon Trail and stay right and on it for about 0.3 miles. Then turn right on Las Trampas Ridge Trail and keep going for about 0.8 miles, and finally right on Chamise Trail towards the staging area. This final stretch is about 0.5 miles.

Total distance is approx 2.7 miles with about 575 ft gain in elevation. If it gets too hot, we'll cut short the hike to about 1.5 miles.

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September 9: Patriot Day flag ceremony

Date: September 9, 2022 (Friday)
Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT (TBC)
Location: Coyote Creek School - Sundial Courtyard
Uniform: Class A
Bring: regular clothes to change into afterward

Pack 1776, along with the Girl Scouts of Coyote Creek Elementary, will participate in the opening flag ceremony for Coyote Creek's 9/11 Memorial to be held at 8:35 am on Friday, September 9th.

Scouts who want to participate must arrive at the Sundial area behind the office at 8:00 am in full Class A uniform.

After the flag ceremony, Scouts may take the opportunity to speak to their class about Cub Scouting, after first obtaining permission from their teacher.

Scouts who participate receive a patch!

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September 10 – October 31: Popcorn Fundraiser

It is the time for our annual popcorn fundraiser again!  The funds we raise through popcorn sale helps cover registration fees, trips, and activities for the scouts.  It is also a great learning opportunity for them to gain experiences in public speaking, math, salesmanship, perseverance, and teamwork.  In addition to the valuable learnings, it also comes with tangible rewards.  We highly encourage every scout, regardless of age or experience, to participate in the fundraiser!

Popcorn Kernels: Ravi Kotnana, Chris Chen

Ways to sell popcorn

  1. Show and Sell (store front sales) — set up a table merchandised with products in front of stores.  Parents and scouts approach incoming customers for support.  Highest potential and generate more than 90% of our overall sales.
  2. Show and Deliver (wagon sales) — parents and scouts take products in wagons and sell door-to-door in the neighborhood.
  3. Take Order — parents and scouts go door-to-door and collect orders, return them to popcorn team and deliver at a later date.
  4. Online Sales — share fundraising page (or scout code) via email or social media.  Supporters visit and transact on-line at  Makes it easy to get support from friends and family who do not live close-by.  A good way to generate extra sales without additional time from parents and scouts.

Store front sales

Getting ready

  1. Download Trail’s End App.  (Text “APP” to 62771 to download, or download from Appstore/GooglePlay). One account per scout, so Mom or Dad will have to set up the account and share the login information with the other parent. Select "Meridian" for the district and "Pack 1776" for the unit. 
    • Siblings can share one account and combine their proceeds and donations toward the pack rankings.
  2. After activation and sign-in, go to “Storefront Sales” and find shifts available for sign-up on the calendar (calendar icon).
  3. Signing up for 2 or more shifts is recommended.  That almost guarantees your scout will get multiple rewards which gives them positive feedback for a good job done.

Selling popcorn

  1. !! IMPORTANT !! If you have the first shift of the day, please pick up inventory and supplies the night before your shift from Popcorn Kernel Chris Chen.
  2. Set up — set up table and tablecloth with banner secured in front of the table.  Set up display products with price label affixed.  Set up Pack donation bin and Square Credit Card reader.
  3. Start of shift — please arrive 10 minutes before your shift begins.  Verify inventory and proceeds with previous shift scout/parent.  Make sure there’s $60 in small bills in cashbox for change.  Take envelopes with all proceeds thus far for the day to a secure location such as your car trunk that’s not visible.  We would like to minimize the amount of cash we keep at the table for safety reason.
  4. Sales — Be friendly, smile and greet everyone.  Show gratitude even if someone does not show interest.  Record each sale in Trail’s End App with the appropriate payment type and also write it down on the tracking form.  Always say thank you.
  5. End of shift — count inventory and proceeds with the next shift scout/parent.  Put all proceeds and donation from the shift, along with the tracking form, in a new envelope, then label, seal, and hand it to the next shift scout/parent.
  6. End of day — return remaining inventory, all supplies, and all proceeds in envelopes to Chris Chen.

What is our goal?  What are the rewards?

Our goal is for every scout to sell $250

Every scout who sells $250 or more (popcorn proceeds + donations) win an Aluminum Sports Water Bottle!

The top three highest fundraisers through popcorn proceeds + donations will win the following prizes:

  • 1st: $300 gift card for Disneyland!
  • 2nd: REI two-person tent with footprint
  • 3rd: Solar charger power bank


  • Every scout who sells popcorn gets a Popcorn Patch
  • $250 or more — receive an Aluminum Sports Water Bottle! (Only takes about 1-2 storefront shifts)
  • $500 or more — qualify to win Amazon Gift Cards from Trail’s End
    • More than half of participating scouts won last year
  • $1000 or more, not including Top 3 winners — receive a Digital Alarm Clock OR an day-hike first-aid kit!

Pack volunteer credit

Every shift gives you 1 hour toward the pack volunteer credit.  For shifts that require pick-up/drop-off of the inventory at Chris’ place, you get 1 more hour for the extra time needed.  If we change location mid-day, the scout/parent of the starting shift of the new location need to tear-down and set up the table, and will get 1 more hour of credit.

Tips and things to remember

  1. All cub scouts to wear Class A Uniform.
  2. Be courteous and respectful.
  3. Cubs may ask “Would you like to support local cub scouts?” to approach customers.
  4. Customers are delighted when cubs talk to them.  Cubs can tell them which popcorn is their favorite.
  5. If customers are not sure if they are willing to buy popcorn, encourage them to donate any amount to the donation bin and thank them.
  6. Make sure customers know we take credit cards.  Some customers may not have enough cash with them.
  7. Please mark it down on your calendar when you sign up for a shift and make sure you do not miss it.
  8. If you need additional popcorn or have any question, please call or text Chris/Ravi.  We will have someone on standby during popcorn sales hours.
  9. Always smile and say thank you.
  10. Congratulate your cubs for their results!

For additional information about online selling and additional selling tips, please visit

When selling door to door, please follow these safety rules:

  • Never enter someone’s home.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk and driveway.
  • Always sell with another scout or adult.
  • Remember to wear your Class A uniform, be respectful and have fun!

Happy selling!