Cub Scout Pack 1776

June 6th: Raingutter Regatta & New Scout Open House Event

  • Date and Time: Sunday, June 6th from 11 am to 1 pm (Setup begins at 10:00 am.)
  • Location: Outdoors @ Coyote Creek Elementary School Parking Lot and Blacktop. 8700 North Gale Ridge Road, San Ramon, CA
  • Cost: Free admission! The entire scouting family is welcome!
  • Attire:  Class B Uniform for those who have them. Facecoverings must be worn by all.
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Sign up here.

Come join us for an afternoon of fun where we will build our own boats and race them using hand-held air pumps.

This event is open to both scouts and those thinking about joining Cub Scouts. Boys and girls welcome! Come learn about what Cub Scouts and Pack 1776 is all about!

Kids bored at home?  Too much screen time? Not getting a chance to do things with their friends – safely - in the outdoors?   Perhaps you’d consider Cub Scouts?  

We are looking for girls and boys in Kindergarten through Fourth grades to join Pack 1776.

You are probably asking yourself, what is Cub Scouts?  What do they do?  What does Pack 1776 do especially in light of COVID?  The answer is: a lot.

Take a look at a video we put together showing the fun things we’ve done.  Check out our website for the fun things we have planned. Pick and choose what you want to do.  

Cub Scouts isn’t just about hikes and meetings.  Kids learn valuable life skills.  Do you remember how to tie a Square knot or Bowline?  Use a knife safely?  Public speaking and presentations? First aid? Cub Scouts helps kids develop leadership skills, to be environmental stewards and kind to one another.  It gives them a chance to see their friends outside of school.  In the outdoor events conducted thus far, we’ve seen first hand how much they’ve missed that. Come check us out on June 6th!

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